Road To Hutch

The NJCAA Division I Basketball Tournament

Sports Arena Renovations In The Hands Of Voters

It’s nearing tournament week in Hutchinson, and the talk around town is the Sports Arena, or rather an increase in taxes to renovate the Arena. Now I know that all of you that have been here certainly enjoy the tournament (I’ve never heard otherwise), but the Sports Arena has certainly seen better days.

So what are they planning on doing? Well, they want to increase the sales tax in Hutchinson an additional 0.35% to pay for the $29 Million renovation plan. The big item on the table? The NJCAA Basketball tournament.

The problem with the tax increase is we have raised it a couple of times already in the past couple of years, and the community is feeling a bit of “sticker shock”.

If you would like to know more details about this plan, visit

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